Hammer's Slammers Board Game Instructions 1984 Mayfair Games


Hammer's Slammers Board Game Instructions 16 Page Instruction Booklet for Hammers Slammers plus a 16 page "Badger Hunt" scenario booklet plus a 3 page Terrain Movement Chart.

Hammers Slammers 16 page booklet includes: Interludes, Supertanks, Powerguns, Back Drop to Chaos, The Bonding Authority, Table of Organization: Hammer's Regiment, Artillery, Replacements, Rules, Sequence of Play, Paradrops and much more!

Badger Hunt booklet includes: A City Too Far, Hangman, Last Grasp, Slammers, Snipers, Mass Assault, Break Out, The Better Part of Valor, Holding Out to Payday, Traditional Objectives, Everybody Wants A Piece of the Action and Spice Madness. Also includes a "Unit Identification Chart".

Three page Terrain Movement Chart also included.

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